Thursday, January 24, 2013

Proud Parents!

On January 30th the 186th class of Philadelphia Fire Fighters will graduate. My son is in this class. We are so happy for him as he has truly found a job that he loves. He served as a Marine for four years and his class is made up of mainly veterans from all branches of service.

Saturday was family day and the class performed various exercises and PT. They scaled a building, climbed a building, set the building on fire and then extinguished it. I was so happy as we were joined by family and friends to watch these cadets who are so proud of their new vocation. They have worked extremely hard in their training over the last 20 weeks!

Go Jake! You have made us so proud!

Jake with two of his cousins!
Jake and his sister, Danielle, his lovely girlfriend, Maria and his fav cousin, Amanda.
Declan loves the macot!
Two fellow Marines who are now Firefighters too!
Best of Luck, Matt, Matt and Jake!