Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It could have been worse...

So many people saw so much devastation with the recent Hurricane Sandy. I know so many lost their homes, possessions and many lives were lost too. I continue to pray for those families. We were spared at our cottage at the Jersey Shore. We had a little cleanup and the water came up to the front door, but not inside! I had so much debris, mailboxes, recyclables, trash and reed grass. I loaded everything on the curb and I continue to Thank God it wasn't worse!

Our good friends lost their dock and their boat was totalled :(   But, all of us keep saying we were the lucky ones! It is so rare for us to be touched by hurricanes and devastation like this. I can't imagine how other areas go through it time and again.
The water came up to the top step, but not inside! The water marks were still there.
A picture taken of our neighborhood, during the storm.
So much debris washed into the yard!
Even found a mailbox!
8 contractor bags
Good friends didn't fare as well, that is the roof of their gazebo and their dock is demolished!
Poor Bob. He loved fishing on his boat, especially in November. The boat is totalled!
He is so bummed!
We will rebuild and continue to make good memories!

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  1. HI Alice
    So glad your home was okay. We have a house in Cape May too. It was fine as well. So much devastation. Very sad. We need to count our blessings.