Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Whew! Shopping at Reading Terminal!

We have this great indoor market in Philadelphia, the Reading Terminal Market. It opened in 1892 and brought indoors the open-air style of markets. Theres are so many awesome businesses. Farmers, fisherman and all type of businessman sell their food and wares. Today I went to pick up a turkey at Godshall's which has been in the market since 1912! I was number 92 and they were on number 60, luckily they had lots of people working the counter. Their poultry is awesome. I heard a man say he has been married 48 years and he just purchased his 48th Thanksgiving turkey.

Many of the Amish from Lancaster County have stands in the Market. They are the hardest working people you've ever seen and the best bakers!

Two days before Thanksgiving and the lines were wrapped around some of the stands. It was a blur of activity!

An old image from Godshall's
Old Time photo of the Market
I love the painted signs in the market.

So much to choose from!
I will be blogging often about the awesomeness of the Market. It's one of my favorite places in the city. The woman in front of me bought fresh-ground sage sausage, so I HAD to get some for my stuffing. I will blog about that too!

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