Friday, November 16, 2012

Philadelphia's City Hall

I am fortunate enough to work for Philadelphia City Council, in City Hall.
Every Friday, I would like to feature a part of this building, which is beyond magnificent. They started building in 1871 and did not complete it until 1901. It cost 24 million. You could not build something like this today. It is the largest municipal building in the country. Everyday I see something new.

The building is such a treasure and anyone who is an architecture buff should really visit. I often think of who may have walked these halls. Anyone who got married in this city would have to come here for their license.

A statue of William Penn adorns the top.

So pretty at night!
Billy Penn!
This gives you an idea of how large the entrances are. There are four and these lead to a center courtyard. This is taken during a New Year's day parade.
Four of these marble pillars inside the entrance facing North Broad Street. They are at least five foot in diameter.
Cherubs appear to hold up the roof!
These are at least 12 foot tall.
Beautiful mosaics at the base.

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