Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Philadelphia's Chinatown

Although we aren't as big as New York, Philadelphia has so much diversity, culture, art and architecture. I am blogging about my city, the city of Brotherly Love, to show you some of the sights and how priveledged we are to have all of this within our city.

On Sunday it was in the 70s and sunny here and I came into the city around noon to go to Chinatown. It was hopping! So many people were out and about eating, shopping, and enjoying the beautiful day.

There are over 100 Chinese restaurants, it is hard to know which to choose. Many chefs come to shop for the exotic vegetables and fish.
To welcome you to Chinatown!
Dragons adorning one of the parking lots.
Tea house, restaurants and unique shops.

So many vegetables that I had never seen before.
Lunch was yummy!

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